The governance structure of Number 5 Foundation is being developed so as to comply with all ANBI status regulations (official NGO status granted by the Tax authorities that allows for tax-free donations) and in line with the Dutch NGO guidelines for good governance (Code Goed Bestuur, Goede Doelen Nederland). The governance structure will be developed in a way so as to ensure

  • independent decision-making

  • sound separation of roles and functions

  • avoidance of conflicts of interest

  • financial transparency


Everyone directly connected to the foundation fulfill the ANBI integrity criteria.





Jolien Wiesenhaan (1964) has 25 years of experience in the field of corporate branding and professional coaching. She holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Groningen. She worked in marketing and HR at Unilever in the Netherlands, Korea, Japan and eastern Europe. In 2007 she founded Dutch Vision Institute, an agency on Identity Consultancy and Professional Coaching. She is board member of Kasteel Duivenvoorde and Stichting Zonnige Jeugd, and proud mother of a daughter and son.

“I have been taken by the originality of this initiative from the very beginning.

It brings everything together: engaged individuals, original ideas, important issues and initiatives of today and tomorrow. Always unexpected yet also safe and the goal is to realise impact. It is a great pleasure to contribute to this important cause”. 





Mikkel Hofstee (1969) started his career at ABNAMRO Bank. In 2002, he started his own company, Lifeguard, which works with organisations in the private and public sectors on their training and vitality programmes. He is also co-founder and board member of the Amsterdam City Swim, the annual event that gathers funding to fight the ALS disease. He has a degree in Public Administration from Leiden University. Mikkel is married and has three children.

“I know from experience how important it is to bring together the right people and initiatives to find innovative solutions. A physical independent and inspiring location where people meet each other openly and learn from each other, helps turn ideas into concrete actions. That combination is the unique power of the Number 5 Foundation.” 



Margreet de Vries (1974) started her career as a policy advisor at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. In 2004 she became director of the Reading & Writing Foundation. In the seven years she held this function the Foundation became a policy setting organisation in the field of literacy both national and international. After this Margreet started her own company Public Business, a strategic communication agency with a single focus on societal issues. In the last six years she supported different organisations in the field of sustainability, education, innovation, autism, and digital literacy. In 2012 Margreet followed The Social Enterpreneurship Executive Programme at INSEAD. Margreet and her partner Arjan live in Voorburg and have two daughers of two and four years old. 

“Working on several societal issues I’ve learned that getting the insights that are needed for new solutions to old problems often need a different climate, new views and inspiration by new people. This is exactly what Number 5 aims to offer. I’m proud to be part of this initiative and can’t wait to work together with the team on new societal issues.”


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