We dream of an independent space 

where people reflect freely and 

turn unconventional thinking into action


“We are puzzled by the disconnect between different groups in society, by public debates with blurred distinctions between facts, opinions and emotions and by a world driven by hasty decisions and desire for quick results. We believe in the power of dialogue whereby everyone is equal, no matter their background, age, place in society or type of knowledge. 


We dream of an independent space where people feel free to reflect and turn unconventional thinking into innovative actions. Big dreams, half-ideas and seemingly random thoughts can become impact-driven opportunities to address pressing societal problems. We want to help connect the dots between initiatives and create bolder ambitions.”


Number 5 stands for what is possible with a positive mindset and an action-oriented attitude.

Constantijn and Laurentien van Oranje

Founders (2017)

number five foundation

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