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Do you also have the feeling that initiatives and solutions to societal issues exist but fail to be scaled up or broadened? We believe this is because players and supply and demand do not come together. Or because it is difficult to convince those with the power and means to challenge the status quo to be bold, change course or raise the ambition levels. Or because solutions are designed for people, not co-created with people.


Complexity requires deeper (self-) reflection to get to the essence of a problem and foster more effective solutions. That’s why the right individuals and communities need to connect, formulate shared goals and commit to collaborate.


About the Number 5 Booster Fund

We identify pressing societal challenges and sectors that require further or faster impact. We convene usual and unusual stakeholders and initiate in-depth dialogues in which no stone is left unturned. The goal is to give a boost to an entire sector or community working on a particular theme so that their combined work makes more impact. The fund will not become the issue owner or coordinator of the work but rather energise others.


To select the issues, we will consult with a diverse group of open-minded thinkers, innovative practitioners and of course those directly affected by issues.


Let’s connect if you want to engage in the Number 5 Booster Fund!

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