Our fundamental values are under pressure

The time
to think and act is now 


There are a lot of exciting opportunities for societal progress. Like the power of new technology and the creativity of innovative thinkers and doers to find new solutions. Or the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that provide the global framework to solve societal challenges from poverty to literacy, from climate change to inequality.


At the same time, mankind needs two and a half planets by 2050 if it continues the way people and currently live, consume and produce. This is clearly unsustainable, as are the widening of gaps of income and education. Fundamental values such as freedom, equity and equality need cannot be taken for granted. And we need to find a new balance in using technology for the way we communicate. Large groups in society feel left behind or not taken seriously. 


Positive societal change-makers are looking for empowerment, connection and nudges for change. Yet they lack the time and space to get both real dilemmas and opportunities for change on the table, enter into dialogue with individuals directly affected by solutions and develop ideas with people they never thought could advise them. 


Number 5 is driven by these societal needs.

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