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Our missions-in-residence all contribute to more inclusive, just and sustainable societies. And they all directly impact on Dutch society and have an international dimension.


Yet they are deliberately diverse in content, form and desired outcomes. This enables us to explore our precise role and create cross-overs that may lead to unexpected outcomes.


Do come see us about opportunities where you feel we can make a difference! 


“Prevention is better than cure”



Desired impact

  • Millions of empowered children

  • Evidence-based innovation leading to systemic educational change

  • A change of mindset in the school environment about children and their potential

What it is

A European movement that promotes and scales up approaches that address children’s learning motivation and abilities at the very source of their learning process. The first initiative is to roll out of a hugely successful UK intervention that prevents reading problems at an early age. Trained volunteers in the school community outside the classroom work with the child on motivation and technical reading skills. This Beanstalk intervention is already being used in over 1400 UK schools. 


Theory of change

School systems across Europe tend to let children struggle with reading, rather than support them when found to be hesitating. Labels on ability and expectations have become the norm. This has a huge impact on learning motivation and self-confidence. Science shows that many learning problems are a mismatch between the way a child learns and what a system offers, rather an inability of the child itself. If put right, everyone wins: children, teachers, school directors, parents and ultimately, society at large. 


Role of Number 5

We run a pilot in the Netherlands and coordinate pilots taking place in other European countries so as to exchange lessons learnt. We also convene an international community of relevant initiatives and individuals eager to drive bottom-up systemic educational change. 



“The secret to happiness is freedom. And the secret to freedom is courage”



Desired impact

  • Empowered vulnerable organisations that work for positive change

  • Real insights into hard to read societies

  • Shared pride about our open society and commitment to peace and justice by hosting important work that benefits social justice movements worldwide.


What it is

We convene non-political international social justice players and relevant Dutch businesses and public stakeholders. By providing a safe space for dialogue, we enable them to freely share insights and match their mutual interests in furthering social justice in societies in which they operate.


Theory of change

The Netherlands has a history of humanism and free thinking. It is little known that still today, it harbours not-for-profit organisations for whom it is too precarious to operate from their own country. Yet we do not capitalize on this unique history and position of the Netherlands and The Hague in particular. This is done by connecting the right individuals and organisations and brokering relevant cooperation.


Role of Number 5

We connect the right expertise, resources and interests in the Netherlands for the work and needs of brave social justice players. We thus expand the depth and breadth of their impact. 

Kids Moving the World

Small actions, big impact 



Desired impact

  • An enhanced neighbourhood, society and world

  • Empowered and entrepreneurial young citizens 

  • Societal awareness about the power of children as positive change-makers


What it is

A unique online co-financing platform that empowers children as change agents in society. It helps children turn their plans for a better world into actions. It is developed with and run by children, supported by experts. Children submit a plan on a dream or idea that benefits the well-being of people, society and the planet. From a neighbourhood improvement, business start-up or investing in a sustainable technology. Children share the impact of their undertaking via social media to inspire others to also engage.


Theory of change 

Children look at the world with fresh eyes. By recognising, valuing and empowering this natural talent, we turn seemingly small observations into opportunities for change and progress. If children experience in real life that they can make a positive difference, it becomes their ‘memory of tomorrow’.


Role of Number 5

We co-design and co-create the platform with children of different backgrounds and nationalities. We will help run it, starting with a pilot in the Netherlands.

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